Hi! Welcome to Talk, Eat, Play, Grow! - We are so excited you decided to check us out! 

We are sisters who have a lot in common - our love of speech therapy, working with kiddos, spending time with our big family, and being active!

As Speech Pathologists with Talk, Eat, Play, Grow! - our goal is to provide the support your child needs to grow and develop. We also aim to provide our parents & caregivers with the training and education to support the needs of their child at home.

We hope that you choose us to provide the thoughtful and professional care that your child needs!

With love - The Talk Eat Play Grow Team.  



Lead Speech Language Pathologist 

Co-Owner of TalkEatPlayGrow

**COVID vaccinated**

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist, Feeding Specialist, and Lactation Counselor. I have worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, outpatient programs, schools, NICUs, and home care. I graduated with my Master's in Speech-Language Pathology from Loyola University in 2014 and have been loving every second of this profession since! I have extensive experience with infant feeding, behavioral feeding, as well as a variety of speech and language disorders. I am also very passionate about parent education and guiding families on how to promote optimal development for their child. 

I am also a loving wife and mom! I love being able to combine both my life as a mama and a speech pathologist together; connecting to my families on a deeper level as a parent.



Co-Owner of TalkEatPlayGrow

**COVID vaccinated**

I am an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist currently working in preschool early intervention. I graduated from Loyola University Maryland in 2018 with my Bachelor's degree in Speech-Language-Hearing-Sciences and then in 2020 with my Master's in Speech-Language Pathology. I have extensive experience through my studies with a wide variety of pediatric and adult clients with different diagnoses across multiple settings - acute, outpatient, and schools. My passions include working with early language learners and preschool-aged children. I am mostly behind the scenes of Talk, Eat, Play, Grow helping with marketing and Instagram. I am loving helping this business grow!




I am an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist currently living in NJ. As a graduate of Penn State and Adelphi University, I earned a Master’s of Science in Speech-Language Pathology with a Teaching Certificate.  I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist for 5 years, with experience in a variety of settings including early intervention, private practice, pediatric hospitals and NICU. My specialties include remediation of articulation & phonological disorders, infant feeding, behavioral feeding, early language development, fluency and other speech and language disorders. I am passionate about continuing my education and am always looking for courses to support my special interests. Some of my certifications include PROMPT level 2 training, PECS training, and the SOS approach.