TalkEatPlayGrow offers formal evaluations and therapy in your child’s natural environment; all of which are provided by experienced Speech Language Pathologists.

Child In Speech Therapy


We can provide your child with a thorough, formal evaluation to determine any specific areas of need. We will create an individualized treatment plan for your child’s unique needs.

  • Speech and Language Evaluation

  • Feeding Evaluation

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We pride ourselves in providing fun, intentional, high-quality treatment sessions for your little one. We cover a wide range of both speech/language and feeding disorders including:

Speech and Language

  • Articulation Disorders and Phonological Processes

  • Early Language Disorders

  • Apraxia

  • Stuttering

  • Voice

  • Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders


  • Infant feeding - breast/bottle

  • Difficulty with transitions to solids and/or cups - We can help with introduction to these new skills as well as help with skill refinement.

  • Behavioral Feeding Disorders - Does your child have difficulty with meal time routines? This could include difficulty sitting at the table, dependence on distractions, have a significantly limited diet, or are mealtimes a constant battle? They don’t have to be! 

  • Picky and Problem Eaters - Does your child have a small food repertoire? We can help expand your child’s repertoire in a fun, zero-pressure, way.

  • Introduction to oral feeding - We have experience with children who are dependent on tube feedings and working to transition to oral feedings.

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Language Development Consult: Discuss and learn about language milestones and how to work on them with your little one.

Feeding Development Consult: Discuss and learn about feeding milestones and how to work on them with your little one.

Playroom Consult: Invite us into your little one’s playroom - we will go toy by toy, space by space with you to teach you how to use YOUR toys and YOUR home to address language most successfully with your little one.

Do you ever just want to know what typical development should look like? It can be a lot of research, a lot of googling. We are here for you!
Have a licensed Speech Language Pathologist sit with you one-on-one and discuss typical developmental milestones that are important for YOUR child. We can provide ideas to help foster your child’s development, guide you through next steps for your little one, and even SHOW you how to implement these ideas.
*consults also offered virtually*